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From country:Germany
Registered since:2015-02-28
Stored destinations:19
   Must see places:13
   Might see places:3
   Visited places:3
Custom lists:4 (3 published)
Searches performed:11
Profile views:477

About nikodonnell

Hi everyone,

Thanks for using travelindicator, hope it is helping your travels.

I am one of the guys behind the site, I have a young baby so my travel profile took a dramatic shift from being more adventurours (motorbike rallies, solo trips etc) to peace & quite and family friendly :)

Loving life & love travel.


General travel profile: Chilled out

Based on the saved destinations (must/might see and visited) and itineraries built by user nikodonnell, we have established the below travel profile. It seems to us that this user is especially fond of holiday destinations involving a lot of relaxation, peacefulness and quiet. We can't really blame them.

Prefered surroundings: Nature and greenery

From the same information we can tell that this user prefers to travel in the following types of surroundings.

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Conwy, Fenghuang, Hamburg, Huacachina, Johor Bahru, Queenstown, Reykjavik, Tallinn, Tashkent

Grenada, Koh Rong, Masoala National Park, Tibet