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From country:United States
Registered since:2015-11-04
Stored destinations:95
   Must see places:12
   Might see places:53
   Visited places:29
Custom lists:1 (1 published)
Searches performed:0
Profile views:421

General travel profile: Family person

Based on the saved destinations (must/might see and visited) and itineraries built by user kforred, we have established the below travel profile. We found him/her! The kind-hearted person who doesn't mind where he goes or what he does on his holiday, as long as he can spend time with his family. Luckily we cover tons of great destinations that will meet their needs.

Prefered surroundings: Urban (cities)

From the same information we can tell that this user prefers to travel in the following types of surroundings.

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All kforred's stored destinations

Must see destinations

Charleston, Charlotte, Dubai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Petra, Windhoek

Angkor Wat, Gili Islands, Machu Picchu

Might see destinations

Addis Ababa, Alice Springs, Amman, Athens, Bariloche, Berlin, Bogota, Cebu City, Chiang Mai, Dalat, Dhaka, Franschhoek, Gdansk, Guayaquil, Helsinki, Hoi An, Islamabad, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Lhasa, Loja, Luxor, Mandalay, Manila, Merida, Moshi, Naples, San Miguel de Allende, Santiago, Siena, Surabaya, Ushuaia, Varanasi, Xian

Azores, Bintan Island, Boracay, Drakensberg, Flores, Glencoe, Goa, Koh Lipe, Mallorca, Mont Saint-Michel, Mykonos, Ngorongoro Crater, Penang, Punta Cana, Santorini, Sint Maarten, Ternate, Tibet, Zanzibar