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From country:China
Registered since:2015-11-03
Stored destinations:7
   Must see places:5
   Might see places:0
   Visited places:2
Custom lists:1 (1 published)
Searches performed:0
Profile views:318

General travel profile: Activity addict

Based on the saved destinations (must/might see and visited) and itineraries built by user Igoricus, we have established the below travel profile. So while a lot of our other users are perfectly content with chillaxing, sitting on their behinds somewhere in the world far away from home, this user needs a bit more activity in their holidays. Whether that is the carnaval in Brazil or mountain climbing in Nepal is not really clear to us either, all we know is this person can't sit still.

Prefered surroundings: Mountains

From the same information we can tell that this user prefers to travel in the following types of surroundings.

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Davao, Hongcun, Jeonju, Pyongyang