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Otherworldly spectacular scenery

Huangshan, or the Yellow Mountains, are one of China's premier mountainsThe fact that it can get very crowded can be a downer
Granite rocks and pine trees shooting up in the strangest of placesObnoxious Chinese tourguides with microphones
Stay in Tangkou/Tunxi, get up by cable car, stay the night, and make your way around

On some mountains, the scenery is nice. On others it is otherworldly spectacular. Huangshan (黄山, literally meaning Yellow Mountain) in China's Anhui province falls firmly into the latter category. If there was ever a mountain in China that made you feel like walking right into an old Chinese water painting, this one is it.

Huangshan is a combination of dramatically towering rocky peaks of granite. On it, pine trees in all shapes and size seem to spring up in the strangest of places. On sunny days it is a spectacular sight (especially the sunrise or the sunset, though view it at the wrong place and you'll be seeing more heads than scenery), but it looks even better when the peaks tower through the clouds.

There are many scenic viewpoints on Huangshan, and the sights are a bit different from every one. You typically get up to the mountain by one of the five cable cars, and then make your way around on the paved paths and stairs. A note of warning if you are expecting that climbing a mountain in China will be like climbing mountains in the Alps: it is not. You will not be alone on these paths and at times the obnoxious Chinese tourguides with their loud microphones can become a bit annoying.

Tourists coming here will typically sleep a night in either nearby Tangkou or Tunxi (nowadays called Huangshan City) and then make their way up the mountain, either to return at the end of the day or to spend the night up there at one of the hotels. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Mount Huangshan is a region in China. It is situated at an altitude of 2329ft and the best airport to fly into is HGH (Hangzhou, Hangzhou)
  • The currency used in China is the Chinese yuan renminbi (RMB) (CNY)

Mount Huangshan Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

45 48 55 68 77 84 90 91 81 72 61 50

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

3 4.2 7.1 9.4 11.6 16.7 12.1 11.4 6.9 4.1 3.3 2.2

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