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Ok, if you are a J.R.R Tolkien - Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit fan then you probably know about this place and have either been there, done that, got the shirt/hat/hobbit footware; or you are this very moment hoarding away your silver pennies, gold pieces, castar or tharni for the trip (That's right, we even looked up the currencies used).

But even those of you not so familiar (or obsessed) with Middle-earth, we think you would still enjoy a visit here as it is a very quirky place...but for sure it is the fans that this movie set design, turned tourist attraction is designed for. There are Hobbit holes (about 37 were created), gardens, a bridge, a mill and the Green Dragon Inn featured in some of the films.

When Peter Jackson decided on New Zealand to provide the back drop to his films he basically nailed it, we can't imagine a better place to set the scene than here. This spawned a sensational boost in tourism for NZ and has created little gems like Hobbiton, which blur the line between reality and fantasy. As well as some stranger elements including the NZ government creating stamps along with minting coins featuring characters from the film, including having some of the invented language Dwarvish on them and they are legal tender (actual money). [Review by nikodonnell]

Key info

  • Hobbiton is a region in New Zealand. It is situated at an altitude of 220ft and the best airport to fly into is HLZ (Hamilton, Hamilton)
  • The currency used in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Hobbiton Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

73 75 72 66 63 59 57 57 61 64 68 72

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

2.2 3.2 3 5 3.8 3.5 4.7 3.6 2.9 3.3 2.5 3.7

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This is the official site and you can begin and end here (with booking) Hobbiton Tours.

New Zealand's tourism site, has a brief overview of Hobbiton, but is of course useful for your broader travels around.

If you want to know a lot about Lord of the Rings very quickly
Watch this.

Here is a great promo/safety video that was done for Air New Zealand, Enjoy.

Finally, if you are a super-fan and desperately want those film themed coins, here you go.

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