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Caves and waterfalls

A national park in the region of the same name in Brazil's BahiaSights can be far from each other
Famous for its translucent caves where sunlight turns the pools inside of the cave into a colorful spectacle
Pretty colonial-era towns, waterfalls and great scenery

Chapada Diamantina, that name has quite a ring to it don't you think? It means Diamond Highlands and is site of the Brazilian National Park with the same name. Located at the core of Bahia, the nearest city and best place to fly or train into, if that's how you're traveling, is Lençóis.

This was the site of a diamond rush in the 19th century, but it's not really any history that brings most visitors here. Rather, it is the park's scenery which features steep canyons and gorges, rivers, cerrado and forests, but most notable of all caves and waterfalls. The caves - the Enchanted Pool Cave and Blue Well are the ones you will find on postcards - are spectacular, as their translucent pools get lit up and turn into a kind of surreal blue that is hard to describe unless you see it in person. But the hundreds of waterfalls outside, such as the Cachoeira da Fumaça which at 380 meter is the highest in Brazil, are no less spectacular.

All of this makes for some of the best trekking and hiking terrain in the country, although the main issue you will face when planning yours is that the best sights tend to be quite far from each other. Around the park stand several colonial villages, while the hilly main town of Lençóis is highly picturesque all by itself.

Although the entire highlands are larger than the size of some European countries, the park itself covers an area of roughly 1500 square kilometers within that area. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Chapada Diamantina is a region in Brazil. It is situated at an altitude of 3638ft and the best airport to fly into is LEC (Chapada Diamantina, Lencois)
  • The main spoken language here is Portuguese, and the average English skill is low
  • The currency used in Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL)

Chapada Diamantina Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

82 81 81 81 79 77 75 79 81 82 82 81

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

4.7 4.5 6.1 4.6 3.5 1.9 1.5 1.7 1.5 3.2 4.4 6.6

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