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A lovely hilltop town

Volterra is a lovely hilltop town in TuscanyParking can be terribly hard in July/August
Things center around the Piazza dei Priori
The amphitheater, Duomo and gate of Porta all'Arco are the other main sights

No matter who provides you with your list of "must-see locations in Tuscany", I hereby give you my personal guarantee you that somewhere in there Volterra, a hilltop town on the border between the provinces of Pisa and Siena, is going to be mentioned.

An important town in Etruscan and then Roman times, Volterra is said to have been inhabited for nearly 3 millennia. The Etruscan city walls remain, while the medieval town center (around the Piazza dei Priori with its 13th century Palazzo Pretorio) within it is easily explored on foot. The gate of Porta all'Arco, the ruins of a Roman amphitheater and the Duomo are the other important sights. Other than that, the view from the top over the Tuscan hills is as stunning as you would expect it to be!

Worth a visit though this pretty medieval town may be, getting here will be a bit of a daunting drive on the SR68 including several hairpin turns in the end, no matter from which direction you come. Although there is ample parking space at most times during the year, come here anywhere in the busy summer months (in particular August), and you might find yourself pressed to find a parking place. We were there recently at that time of year and realised that if you arrive in the middle of the day, it is a matter of either being extremely lucky and driving straight into a parking place, or being unlucky and immediately finding yourself driving off-hill out of town. In any case, make the effort to check out Volterra as you won't be disappointed, even though we feel nowadays it is getting a bit more crowded than most travel guides seem to mention. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Volterra is a city in Italy's region of Tuscany. It has a population of 11,042, is situated at an altitude of 1745ft and the best airport to fly into is FLR (Peretola, Florence)
  • The main spoken language here is Italian, and the average English skill is low
  • Note Volterra is not a good point of entry for trips to Italy as it is not well internationally connected. Instead try entering through for instance Rome, Genoa, Milan or Turin
  • The currency used in Italy is the Euro (EUR)

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Volterra Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

52 54 59 63 73 79 84 84 77 68 59 52

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

1.1 0.8 0.9 1 0.8 0.7 0.4 0.7 1.4 2 2.3 1.7

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