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Verona is a city of 265,000 in nothern Italy's Veneto region. Situated about a one hour drive or half an hour train ride from Venice, Verona also attracts hordes of tourists like its picturesque neighbour, yet feels notably less crowded. And that is a really good thing, as it makes the city a much more relaxed place to explore.

The top attraction of Venice is the Arena, a nearly fully intact Roman amphitheatre that stands at the heart of town. Although already a spectacular historical and architectural sight in its own right during the day, what makes the Arena even more special is the fact that it is still in use to this day (though to be fair, the revival of its usage is a relatively recent thing, i.e. Renaissance times). During the summer Opera performances are held here, and needless to say they are quite the spectacle. Watching an opera in 2000 year old surroundings is the type of thing that can give a person with a little historical sensitivity goosebumps.

Don't think for a second that Verona is a one-trick pony, though. At a 10 minutes walk from the Arena lies the Piazza delle Erbe. A medieval square that is home to a market during the day, but in evening comes alive with passing by for a quick drink or bite. Above it towers the Torre dei Lamberti clock tower and on in stands the 650 year old Madonna Verona fountain. Another sight nearby is Juliet's House, which supposedly was the setting of the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet - though that is mostly, well, fiction.

Following the Adige river a little further to the west, we meet the impressive 14th century fortress of Castelvecchio with connecting Scaligero bridge as well as the beautiful early romanesque style Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore. All are in walking distance. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Verona is a city in Italy's region of Veneto. It has a population of 265,410, is situated at an altitude of 217ft and the best airport to fly into is VRN (Valerio Catullo, Verona)
  • The currency used in Italy is the Euro (EUR)

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2.2 1.9 2.3 2.7 3.3 3.4 2.4 3.5 2.5 3.2 3 2

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We always prefer to start with local resources like the Provincia di Verona tourism page. Italy Guides has some good stuff as well, as do Wikitravel, Telegraph and Guardian. One prominent newspaper stayed 36 hours in the city, while another one spent 48 hours. We wonder if those 12 hours made a difference. Irene's travel blog stopped by in the city, as did Traveling Igloo.

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