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Overlooked Siberian treasure

Tomsk is one of the oldest towns in Siberia, Russia with a history of over 400 years. It has a population of about 500,000 and is easily one of the more enjoyable places in Siberia. The city has some nice architecture (particularly houses in traditional wooden lace style) and a quite lively atmosphere partly due to the university that houses here. People here seem happier and of a "lighter" mindset than in many other parts of Russia.

Things center around the Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square), which is four times larger than the Red Square in Moscow and is surrounded by historical buildings, the oldest of which is Epiphany Cathedral (used as a factory in the Soviet era), built in 1784. The Prospekt Lenina near it is one of the most vibrant places in the entire city, where you will find places for a good coffee or to eat.

Outside of the city you will find great forests and natural scenery. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Tomsk is a city in Russia. It has a population of 524,669, is situated at an altitude of 384ft and the best airport to fly into is TOF (Tomsk, Tomsk)
  • The currency used in Russia is the Russian ruble (RUB)

Tomsk Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

9 14 30 45 64 72 77 72 57 43 23 12

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

1.4 0.9 1 1.3 1.6 2.4 3 2.6 2 2.2 2 1.9

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