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Chad McDonald

A compressed version of LA

San Diego is California's second city after LA
Though San Diego is a smaller city than LA it has similar appeal
Bilbao Park, beaches, night life, shopping, museums

San Diego is the second largest city in California, located right next to the US-Mexico border. The Pacific Ocean coastal city lies at about a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles yet is for some reason not firmly on the radar of many (foreign) tourists making their way to California as they typically ignore it in favor of the LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas triangle. We are here to argue that that is not entirely fair.

Ask anyone about San Diego's core attractions and bet on it that they will mention the beaches, its nightlife, the Sea World amusement park and San Diego Zoo. Those seem to be the common denominator, but zoom out one level and look at what's really on offer here: San Diego is like a compressed version of LA - beaches in the forefront, mountains in the background, big business in the center, yet notably less congested and perhaps a bit more family-friendly or even tourist-friendly than its bigger brother up north.

And there is more to do than just Sea World (cool as that place may be). For instance the huge green open areas, neo-classical Spanish buildings and gardens of Balboa Park, right next to the zoo. This amazing park also houses 15 museums, so you could easily spend several days here alone. Or perhaps the Old Town with its Mexican atmosphere and generally festive air, or the beautiful seaside area of La Jolla.

The beaches - of which Mission Beach with its boardwalk is probably the most iconic - offer their own endless source of attractions, and we already mentioned the nightlife. Head over to the brightly lit and atmospheric Gaslamp Quarter with its plethora of bars, restaurants and clubs and you will see for yourself. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • San Diego is a city in United States's region of California. It has a population of 1,345,895, is situated at an altitude of 49ft and the best airport to fly into is SAN (San Diego International Airport, San Diego)
  • The currency used in United States is the US dollar (USD)

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64 64 66 68 68 72 75 77 75 73 70 64

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2 2.3 1.8 0.8 0.1 0.1 0 0 0.2 0.6 1 1.5

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Make a start with, then follow-up with reading up on the city in the NY times (for instance this older article on spending 36 hours in the city) and Telegraph. This one is a bit heavy on the graphics but does actually show off some useful information, as does this page on the same website. Then there are blogs that will convince you to fall in love with San Diego, 25 compelling reasons to visit and some tips for travelers on a budget.

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