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Buddhist rock formations

Sai is a small fishing village in Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Most famous for the Hotokegaura rock formations
Best seen from out at sea, by chartering a ferry

The village of Sai, on the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, should mostly be visited to admire the cliffs of Hotokegaura. These white cliffs and rock formations are an impressive sight that go on for about 2 kilometers along the coast and have by locals been named after Buddhist images. Although you can get near to the rocks by car, you will never get much more than a sideways view, hence the views from a ferry tend to be more impressive.

As Sai is really nothing more than a quiet fishing village, accommodation and other tourist infrastructure is limited. Getting by in anything other than Japanese is therefore going to be tricky. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Sai is a city in Japan's region of Aomori. It has a population of 2,229, is situated at an altitude of 13ft and the best airport to fly into is SDJ (Sendai, Sendai)
  • The main spoken language here is Japanese, and the average English skill is low
  • The currency used in Japan is the Japanese yen (JPY)

Sai Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

36 37 43 55 63 70 75 79 73 64 52 41

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

4.5 3.7 3.5 3 4.6 4.3 5.3 6.2 7.3 4.6 5 4.3

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There isn't all that much other information on the place to be found online. here is something more about Hotokegaura, and here as well. The Wikitravel has some good info too.

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