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Capital of South Sumatra

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra
Not terribly touristic, but fortress, mosque and river cruise are nice to do

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra (Sumatera Selatan) in Indonesia, and with a population of over 1.7 million a fairly large city - the second largest on Sumatra after Medan. Palembang is built along the Musi river, and historically was the capital of the Kingdom of Srivijaya which held large parts of present-day Indonesia and Malaysia.

Besides being a convenient place to jump into the tropical rain forests of South Sumatra from, there is not terribly much to do in this port city. Tour guides will rave about the city's food (Pempek, a fishcake that is typically made with either a spicy or sweet and sour flavor is a local favorite), tell you to take the Musi river cruise, check out the mosque, fortress and museum.

Of those, the Kuto Besak Fortress is probably the most interesting. This fortress is a remnant of the sultanate that ruled the city between 1550-1823 and was afterwards taken over by the Dutch. It is actually used as a military base at the moment, but is quite a good spot to take a picture or two and hang around a bit. The locals use this as a social gathering spot.

And that's about it. But to be fair, you can quite easily fill a day with those. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Palembang is a city in Indonesia's region of Sumatera Selatan. It has a population of 1,742,186, is situated at an altitude of 26ft and the best airport to fly into is PLM (Mahmud Badaruddin Ii, Palembang)
  • The currency used in Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

Palembang Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

84 86 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 86

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

9.4 9.4 11 10.6 7.5 4.3 3.9 3.5 4.3 7.9 10.2 13

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