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For a beach break

Natal is the capital of Brazil's state of Rio Grande do NorteNot many cultural sights or things to do outside of baking on the beach
Home to the beach of Ponta Negra, one of the prettiest in the country
Nightlife and restaurants aplenty

Natal, capital and largest city of Brazil's Rio Grande do Norte, is mostly popular for one reason: Ponta Negra. Domestic tourists descend on this very scenic beach in droves and we saw it being referred to as the best beach in the country while planning our trip there. We personally are quite certain that title belongs to other beaches in Brazil, but nevertheless it is hard to argue with the fact that this is one of the better beaches in the country.

What is on offer on Natal's beaches is pretty clear. If you fancy bustling beaches, wild nightlife and good places to eat, all the while being surrounded more by Brazilians than foreigners, Natal is the place to go. If you do fancy a quieter beach, you can still go to others like the Via Costeira (in between Ponta Negra and the city), but that is not really the reason people come here. Around the beaches and sand dunes you can do activities like buggy riding which can be quite fun.

Head north or even further south of the city and you come across another series of resort beaches like Pipa and Genipabu, but there's no denying that in between there is the city of Natal which thus far we haven't really addressed. The reason for that is predictable: there isn't all that much to do there. Or maybe that's not entirely fair as you do get the Forte dos Reis Magos fortress at the northern tip (a defense barrier set up in 1598). But once we have told you about that, the remainder of stuff you can do here will include unremarkable malls and theaters, and I'm sure that on a trip to Brazil you will have better places to spend your hard earned money and annual leave in. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Natal is a city in Brazil's region of Rio Grande do Norte. It has a population of 803,739, is situated at an altitude of 62ft and the best airport to fly into is NAT (Augusto Severo, Natal)
  • The main spoken language here is Portuguese, and the average English skill is low
  • Note Natal is not a good point of entry for trips to Brazil as it is not well internationally connected. Instead try entering through for instance Belem or Porto Alegre
  • The currency used in Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL)

Natal Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

86 88 86 86 84 82 82 82 84 86 86 86

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

2.2 3.4 7.7 10.4 9.4 8 7.8 4.4 2.3 0.7 0.6 0.8

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