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The streets are paved with sand

Super relaxingTad remote
Great weather and beachesMay run out of things to do
Get to see the Emerald Sunset

Jericoacoara or 'Jeri' to the cool kids, is a small fishing village turned hippie Mecca in Ceará, North East of Brazil.

What else would you like to know?

A combination of being hard to reach, only getting electricity (and roads) ~30 years ago and being declared an Environmental Protection Area has resulted in the area remaining preserved to welcome new visitors.

A destination described as magical by those who have been definitely entices our curiosity. Then add to that it is one of the few places on earth where you can witness an Emerald Sunset and now you have us completely enveloped in temptation.

An ‘Emerald Sunset’ is when the tip of the sun turns bright green for the final instant before setting below the horizon...don't worry, we didn't know that was a thing either.

There's few street signs so use landmarks to get around, by foot is the best way to get around. ProTip: wear shoes at night and bring a torch - there is no street lamps. [Review by nikodonnell]


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Key info

  • Jericoacoara is a city in Brazil's region of Ceara. It has a population of 0, is situated at an altitude of 0ft and the best airport to fly into is FOR (Pinto Martins, Fortaleza)
  • The main spoken language here is Portugese, and the average English skill is intermediate
  • Note Jericoacoara is not a good point of entry for trips to Brazil as it is not well internationally connected. Instead try entering through for instance Belem or Porto Alegre
  • The currency used in Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL)

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Jericoacoara Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

86 86 88 86 88 88 88 88 88 90 90 88

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

8.7 12.7 11.2 13 5.5 3.5 1 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.2 3.3

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As usual WikiTravel have you pretty well covered with all the ins and outs. have a great feature on this "Pocket of Paradise" well worth checking out, some great pics included. is a place you can book things.

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