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Jeonju is the capital of North Jeolla Province in South KoreaCan get crowded
Former capital of the Baekje Kingdom and famous for its BibimbapThe Hanok Village can feel like a tourist trap, though the sights itself are actually quite interesting
Nice town for a day trip with pleasant atmosphere and some interesting sights

Jeonju (전주시) is the capital of South Korea's North Jeolla province. It has a population of 650,000 and is a major tourist attraction due to its historical significance and due to its Bibimbap.

Alright, that sounded somewhat strange didn't it? Moving from 5 centuries of being a core city of the Joseon dynasty (and before that the capital of the Baekje Kingdom) to refering to a mere food dish. But trust us when we say that the Bibimbap (Korea's de facto national dish - warm white rice in a hot bowl mixed in with cooked veggies, beef and a sunny-side up egg that gets stirred into it) really *is* one of the reasons Koreans love to visit this place.

Jeonju is not one of those cities where you can spend days and days - its fair to say that you would be able to see most sights of significance within a day. If you do so, aside from trying the Bibimbap, you will want to at least check out:
- the Jeongdong Catholic Cathedral, constructed around the start of the 20th century and erected in honor of a number of Catholic martyrs who lost their lives for their religion.
- Jeonju Hanok Village, focussed on Korean culture and featuring hundreds of traditional Korean "Hanok" houses. Can feel a bit like a tourist trap, but hey, go with the flow.
- Mt.Maisan ("Horse Ear Mountain"), for those craving a hike, this strangely shaped mountain to the east of the city is the place to go. The strange landscape here has been described as being "lost world"-esque
- Pungnammun Gate, the sole surviving city gate, close to the Hanok village [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Jeonju is a city in South Korea's region of North Jeolla. It has a population of 654,040, is situated at an altitude of 164ft and the best airport to fly into is ICN (Seoul (incheon), Seoul)
  • The currency used in South Korea is the South Korean won (KRW)

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39 45 54 68 77 82 86 88 81 72 57 45

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1.3 1.6 2.1 3 3.6 6.6 11.8 10.9 5.4 2.1 2 1.2

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