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Edmonton (pop. 812,000) is the capital of Canada's Alberta province. It is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and is one of the major cities in Canada as well as the northernmost city on the continent with a metropolitan population that exceeds one million. The city's history began in 1795 when a Hudson's Bay fur trading post was set up here.

Edmonton's biggest attraction are the river banks, the long and stretched areas around the North Saskatchewan River that contain many parks, golf courses, trails (go walking, biking or even cross-country skiing!) and other attractions. This is a great area for doing something active, spotting wildlife or just enjoying views over the city from in between the green.

One such park is Fort Edmonton Park, a historical theme park where staff in costumes depict 4 periods in the city's history: the fur trade era, the settlement era, metropolitan era and the period after World War 1.

In terms of classic historical sights the city is home to the Alberta Legislature, a grand colonial building surrounded by greenery. It is a nice area to stroll around in, and especially charming during winter and Christmas time. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Edmonton is a city in Canada's region of Alberta. It has a population of 812,201, is situated at an altitude of 2198ft and the best airport to fly into is YEG (Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton)
  • The currency used in Canada is the Canadian dollar (CAD)

Edmonton Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

21 27 36 52 64 70 73 73 63 50 32 23

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

0.9 0.5 0.6 1.1 1.8 3.1 3.7 2.4 1.7 0.9 0.7 0.6

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