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Of castles and pubs

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland - as the stereotype goes: Glasgow is gritty and Edinburgh sophisticated
11th century Edinburgh Castle and the surrounding old town is main attraction of the city
But besides castles, museums, and monuments, city is also great for shopping and partying (!)

Glasgow is gritty, and Edinburgh is sophisticated, or I guess as some would say "snobbish". Or so the stereotypes go anyway, but who cares really as we are not here to do a city to city comparison? Instead let us just point out that Edinburgh is a city that offers its visitors culture and nightlife, shopping, historical sights in an all around enchanting old-meets-new atmosphere. For all of these reasons it should be high on your places-to-visit lists, irrespective of that list covers Scotland, the UK or even Europe.

Edinburgh Castle which dominates the cityscape from above, is probably the one single attraction out of many that we can't fail to mention here. It sits on top of Castle Rock and dates back to the 11th century, remaining in excellent condition to this day. It is the city's top attraction, and a guided tour is definitely worth your while if you want to find out more about its history.

But when it comes to historical sights it's not just the castle that impresses visitors. The entire Old Town is an open air museum and a UNESCO site (together with the 18th century "new town"), with narrow alleys sloping downwards from Edinburgh Castle. Here you will find sights like St Giles' Cathedral, Scottish Parliament and Mary King's Close.

There are plenty of other museums, monuments, gardens and even castles to visit in Edinburgh, which can easily fill several days. However we don't want to make it seem like Edinburgh is nothing more than a historical relic, so we will finish by mentioning that it is also a fantastic place for shopping (head to Princes Street in the New Town) and of course... drinking and partying the night away. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Edinburgh is a city in United Kingdom's region of Edinburgh, City of. It has a population of 487,500, is situated at an altitude of 230ft and the best airport to fly into is EDI (Edinburgh, Edinburgh)
  • The currency used in United Kingdom is the British pound Sterling (GBP)

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