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Capital of Europe

Grand Place is absolutely stunningly beautifulThe town hall and Manneken Pis area don't take much time to explore, what's next?
Symbol of EU unity

Brussels (Dutch: Brussel, French: Bruxelles) is the capital of Belgium as well as the de facto capital of the European Union. At the center of the language-divide between French and Dutch in present-day Belgium, the city is entirely surrounded by Dutch speaking Flanders. Yet within the city French is by far the most spoken language. Brussels feels very much as a border city between the South and the North of Europe - incorporating elements of both.

Within the city things center around the Old Town and the imposing Grand Place (pictured) at the heart of it. This square was originally built as a merchants market in the 1200s and is surrounded by guildhalls and the city's Town Hall. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the area around it you will find charming cobblestone streets, great restaurants or places for a beer. If in the middle of a street you suddenly spot a crowd, you have probably arrived at the Manneken Pis (or "little peeing man" in Dutch) statue.

If you are interested in having a look at how the evergrowing EU-machine functions, you could for instance have a look at the European Parliament. It is one of those places where not necessarily much is happening, but just the realisation that this is where the future of Europe is apparently being drawn up and what that symbolises is quite amazing in itself. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Brussels is a city in Belgium's region of Brussels-Capital Region. It has a population of 1,138,854, is situated at an altitude of 89ft and the best airport to fly into is BRU (Brussels Airport, Brussels)
  • The currency used in Belgium is the Euro (EUR)

Brussels Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

43 45 50 57 64 70 73 73 66 59 50 43

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

3 2.5 2.8 2 2.6 2.8 2.9 3.1 2.7 3 3 3.2

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