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A gem off the tourist radar

Brescia is a city of nearly 200,000 in northern Italy's Lombardy
Off the tourist trail as it is known to be an industrial city, but with interesting sights and charm
Brescia Castle, 2 cathedrals, roman ruins and excellent museums are just some examples of what's on offer here

In a way it is rather telling that when we tried to find an appropriate picture to go with this article about Brescia, we couldn't get rid of the construction crane hovering over some building in the distance.

Brescia, at the bottom of the Alps nearby the Garda and Iseo lakes, is a pretty little gem of a city if you manage to look in the right places. Look in entirely the wrong places however and all you are likely to find will be industrial sprawl, as this city is home to one of Italy's best performing industrial areas.

It is perhaps for this reason that Brescia is not really a tourist favorite, but in fact we disagree with the assessment of some other travel guides that Brescia therefore lacks charm as much of the less interesting aspects of the city can easily be distilled out.

You could start your explorations in its most famous square, the Renaissance-style Piazza della Loggia, where you will find the 16th century city hall as well as a clocktower and a medieval gateway. That should give you a mere taster, as elsewhere in the city you will find the oldest Roman ruins in this part of Italy, Brescia Castle that looms over the city, an old cathedral (Duomo Vecchio) and a new cathedral (Duomo Nuovo) and finally the Monastery of Santa Julia which hosts a very impressive collection of art including a few Roman era portraits.

Overall, the fact that Brescia remains somewhat undiscovered by (mass) tourists is a good thing. Immerse yourself in Italian city life: do some boutique shopping, have an ice cream or a glass of wine and in the meantime check out a sight or two, all the while being surrounded mostly by locals.

Outside of town you find the Garda and Iseo Lake in close vicinity, offering excellent opportunities for those who want to get out and about to either go hiking or just check out some of the lovely scenery. [Review by travelindicator]

Key info

  • Brescia is a city in Italy's region of Lombardia. It has a population of 195,568, is situated at an altitude of 479ft and the best airport to fly into is MXP (Malpensa, Milan)
  • The currency used in Italy is the Euro (EUR)

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Brescia Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

41 48 57 63 73 79 84 84 75 64 50 43

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

2.6 1.9 2.2 2.6 3.3 3.3 2.9 2.9 3.5 4.4 2.9 2.4

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