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Café hopping and shopping in a charming old city

Belgium's second largest city, in the Dutch speaking north
Imposing cathedral, medieval buildings and cobble stone streets...
... mixed with bustling nightlife and top-notch shopping

Antwerp. There's something about this city, which in Dutch goes under the name Antwerpen and is Belgium's second largest city after its capital Brussels. Ask the throngs of tourists that make their way here on a daily basis from north of the Belgian-Dutch border and they will tell you that it's a city that offers them the best of both worlds: the joie de vivre of a southern city, with the familiarity of a northern city. Antwerpen really is situated at the heart of the cultural divide - one could argue even more so than Brussels as that nowadays is a fully francophone city.

The city's core centers around the Grote Markt with its medieval City Hall, both towered over by the absolutely imposing Cathedral Of Our Lady which stands one street further on. Around the markets and in surrounding streets you will find restaurants, cafés and bars serving up all kinds of Belgian and non-Belgian food, but perhaps most importantly the Belgian beers... The atmosphere here is warm and bustling and this in itself can be a reason to visit the city.

From this area you can head towards the Schelde, and upon reaching the river you will instantly see Het Steen ("The Stone"), a medieval fortress that is Antwerp's oldest building and hosts a museum.

Head the other way however (back across the Grote Markt and the Cathedral towards the central train station), and you will be on your way to Meir. This is the city's largest shopping street and can (in our humble opinion) compete with some of the continent's most renowned shopping streets. Anything from the Gaps and Zaras to boutique's and luxury designer brands. Make sure to check out the Stadsfeestzaal (City Festive Hall), a neo-classical building from the early 1900s that now hosts a luxury shopping center. [Review by travelindicator]


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Key info

  • Antwerp is a city in Belgium's region of Antwerpen. It has a population of 502,604, is situated at an altitude of 43ft and the best airport to fly into is BRU (Brussels Airport, Brussels)
  • The main spoken language here is Dutch, and the average English skill is high
  • The currency used in Belgium is the Euro (EUR)

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