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Eneas De Troya

A gifted (and cursed) place

Acapulco is a city in Mexico's Guerrero
Beautifully set along the Bay of Acapulco
Great nightlife and scenery but in recent years safety has been an issue

In terms of its scenery, Acapulco de Juárez - let's just call it Acapulco - is a very gifted place.

The fantastic beaches around the mushroom-shaped Bahia de Acapulco go on for 8km (5 miles) here. The skyscrapers, water parks and resorts that line up at the La Costera promenade right behind the beach front combine with hills and cliffs to make this one of the most appealing urban beach settings you will ever stumble upon.

If you go to Acapulco solely for its beaches, you will likely end up at either Icasos or Condesa beach, though if you are here with your family you might instead want to opt for Caleta Beach, which is better for swimming and thus draws more families.

The nightlife has always been great in Acapulco (just stroll around La Costera at night to find loads of clubs and bars), while in terms of sights you have Old Acapulco with the pretty Zócalo, the fortress of Fuerte San Diego and daring cliff divers of La Quebrada to check out.

But before we urge you to make your way to Acapulco, maybe we should put a bit of a disclaimer here. While this used to be a playground of the rich and famous and a perfectly safe beach resort city, in recent decades gang and drug-related violence has at times plagued the city. Although in reality you will probably be perfectly fine as most of the problems seem to play out in the hills behind the city, do take note of this. [Review by jwillems]

Key info

  • Acapulco de Juarez is a city in Mexico's region of Guerrero. It has a population of 687,608, is situated at an altitude of 66ft and the best airport to fly into is ACA (General Juan N Alvarez International, Acapulco)
  • The main spoken language here is Spanish, and the average English skill is low
  • Note: Acapulco de Juarez is a good point of entry for trips to Mexico as it is well internationally connected (by air)
  • The currency used in Mexico is the Mexican peso (MXN)

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Acapulco de Juarez Weather

Historical average maximum temperature per month (℉):

86 86 86 88 90 90 90 90 90 90 88 88

Historical average rainfall per month (inches):

0.6 0.2 0.1 0.1 1 10.4 9.7 11.6 12.2 5.5 0.8 0.4

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The Acapulco Wikitravel, Lonely Planet and article on About on things to do may be of some help when researching the city further.

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