Explained: Budget (locations By Cost)

If you click the Budget menu option above, you get to see something like the following:

The "hotel only" option is straightforward: it shows all cities where average nightly hotel rates (2 to 5 stars) fall within a price range. Filter down on those between $0 and $100 and you will be shown locations like Dubrovnik, Taichung and Berlin. Filter down on those above $350 and it's Tokyo or Bora Bora. This looks a bit like the following:

This states the hotel price (€118), and an estimated flight price (€142). While at some stage we would love to incorporate real average ticket prices into Travelindicator, for the time being that is not technically feasible. We could have chosen to omit it altogether and function solely as a hotel price aggregator, but that is no fun is it?

So we scoured the web and came across an article at the Rome2Rio Blog. They found that air fares could be linearly approximated by the formula ticket price = $50 + 0.11 * mile. We have slightly tweaked it, but essentially we do something similar. And we find it to provide a very reasonable approximation. Its accuracy will fluctuate, but Beijing to New York is never going to cost $200.

The "Hotels (2 night) + Flight" is based on all of the above. It uses the estimation of the costs for a round trip flight, and adds to that two times the average rate for a hotel. This gives you something like this:

Note how the hotel price (€118) is unchanged, but we now also show an estimated total trip cost (€434). With this you will be perfectly able to work out the difference in cost of a city trip to Berlin or to London.

Some things to clarify: If you are staying for more than two nights, we are sorry, but you will have to do your own calculation! Using the regular search you can do just that. Also, all of this is based on your location. If you load the site from different countries, you will get different results! Of course, you can manually adjust. The city you stay in impacts results and you will have to select it by yourself.

Travelindicator.com: Mission Statement

As we have stated before, Travelindicator started out of a conviction that something was missing in the land of travel websites. On the one hand, the internet is filled with many great travel blogs giving general traveling tips or zooming in on very specific locations that they have discovered, inspiring us all. On the other hand there are the Trip Advisors and Lonely Planets of this world. Their role is to give you all the miniscule details once you have picked the destination. Where to stay, what sights to see, what to eat, that sort of stuff.

All of that definitely serves its purpose and it would not be an understatement to say the supply of such sites is somewhat saturated. But what website do you go if:

1. You want to travel and know what you want out of a holiday but have no idea where to go? (example: you want to make a city trip to a desination that scores high in the areas of culture and architecture)
2. You have no idea which destination you will be able to afford? (example: you have a budget of $500, both for getting there and staying the night in a hotel)
3. You have no idea which destinations are nearest to you? (example: you want to go somewhere which is in driving distance, 500km or 250 miles)
4. You have no idea what the weather will be like? (example: you want to go on a beach holiday but prefer not to get soaking wet from rain while chilling out on the beach)

That's where Travelindicator now comes in and why we exist. We categorise locations by (monthly) temperature and rainfall, by exact location, by price (live average hotel prices per city and estimated flight prices) and by attributes.

What we mean by attributes are the qualities of each location (as voted for by you, the users), of which there are quite a few, for instance: Adventure, Culture, Beaches, Mountains, Deserts, Eating and Going Out, Shopping... Mix and match as you like, take away your results and make a choice! Or go ahead and book that hotel on Travelindicator instantly :-)