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Overview of Travel Indicator search results

Take a good look at the above image, which is the layout of a standard search result here at Travel Indicator. It's quite obvious that it gives you a thumbnail of the destination, a description and a price, but what does it all really mean? Let's get into some of the things that may not be immediately obvious, shall we? From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Thumbnail with indicator of current price level - As you might know we download hotel prices every few hours for all destinations where those are available, and compute an average nightly hotel rate from that. Based on that you can see that staying in city X will, on average, be cheaper than city Y. What's more, the red or green button hovering over the thumbnail shows you whether the location is currently (i.e. 2 weeks from now) cheaper or more expensive than it has historically been. You can imagine London at Christmas being significantly more expensive than it is during September, for instance!

2. Tags - If a destinations scores more than 50% on a certain theme, we tag it with that and show it at the end preceded by a #. Click on these to see more destinations matching this theme.

3. Similar and nearby places - We link to this from the destination overview pages itself, but also straight from the search results. Let's say Barcelona shows up in your results and you love it but have already been there, so you're looking for something similar. Just click the "[Similar]" link and we'll present you with the 25 closest matches.

4. Current relative price level - +102%. We store the average hotel price on daily basis and compare each destination's current price to it's historical levels. In the [102%+] you see above, you can see that Perast is currently twice as expensive as normal! You might want to pick another time to go.

5. Saved destinations - We have saved the above location as a "must-see". For you it might be none at all, or maybe a might-see or should-see. In any case, once you save it, this flags it in our search results.

6. Historical average and current temperature - 13°C and 4°C-10°C. We know what the weather has historically been in a place and show you the monthly average. But in addition to that we show you the actual range of maximum temperatures for the next 14 days. Above you can see that actual weather is slightly cooler than what it has historically been in Perast.

7. Historical rainfall - 165mm. Self explanatory.

8. Altitude - 365m. Self explanatory.

9. Distance to you - 7287km. This is based on the home city that you have selected.

10. Cost - €180 and €801+. The first is the current hotel cost. The latter is the estimated return travel cost from your city to this destination based on Rome2Rio.

Top 5 Paradise Destinations Off The Beaten Tourist Track

Havelock Island, India

Maybe we are spoiled. We are running this website out of tropical Singapore, which means year-round warm temperatures at home anyway, but also countless fantastic South-east Asian travel destinations just a weekend trip away. Whether we want to jet off to Bali or Phuket, to Bangkok or Hong Kong, it is often a matter of conveniently flying off on a budget airline after work on a Friday and returning late on a Sunday.

The only downside to this is that we are not the only one doing this! You can fly to Krabi or Nha Trang, but then in many places you will still spend your weekend packed like sardines on a beach, next to your neighbours back home. Long story short, sometimes you want to head off to a place with palm trees and white sand beaches but at the same time get away from the crowds as well. If that's what you are after, we have some suggestions for you (that are not just located in Asia, of course). For even more inspiration just use our Destination Search.

1. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha

The first destination is an island well off the coast of Brazil in South America called Fernando de Noronha. This is a renowned eco travel destination that might just be one of the most pretty spots to visit in Brazil. But as it is pretty out of the way, the (domestic and foreign) crowds don't seem to have quite discovered it. So go here, enjoy some hiking into the rocky jungle covered interior, or enjoy the water and go swimming, surfing or diving. Take note that accomodation here is basic at best, but then that's the whole point isn't it?

2. Bohey Dulang, Malaysia

Bohey Dulang

Bohey Dulang is one of the islands the forms part of the Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Sabah of Malaysia. You will need to travel to Semporna and spend the night there, then make your way here by boat. The main sight is the volcanic crater that is under water and which you get spectacular views over after you have made the effort of climbing your way up through the thick jungle... Once you find your way down again you can go swimming or snorkeling although you won't find any real beaches. But then again you won't find many people either!

3. Moorea, French Polynesia


Everybody knows Bora Bora. Nobody knows Moorea (which lies 240 kilometer or 150 miles to its south-east, right next to Tahiti). This island is sometimes described as a more authentic alternative to Bora Bora. There is certainly accomodation here that is far from basic (looking at you Hilton and Intercontinental), but the crowds are by any definition less thick too. The interior is covered with mountains and lush rain forest, while the beaches are nothing less than dreamy.

4. Havelock Island, India

Havelock Island

This place in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is not really a household name. Yet, as sooner or later tourists will start discovering it right? Part of India but with a vibe that is more comparable to Thailand, white sand beaches that are likened to the Maldives and fantastic scenery both around the beaches and inland. Best of all? It is cheaper and much, much quieter. For now.

5. Carriacou, Grenada


And finally, back to the Caribbean. Carriacou is an island of the Grenadines island chain that is part of Grenada. Travel to the main island of Grenada and you will have no trouble finding golf courses and luxury resorts, but travel to Carriacou and you will find a quieter and much more back-to-basics kind of place.