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Here at Travelindicator we tend to be quite open about the fact that we do not actually intend or manage to go in-depth for every single travel destination that we cover. Our purpose in life is to give our readers the basics for lots of destinations in order to help inspire your travels, but we subsequently gladly leave it up to some of the other fantastic travel websites to give you more detailed information on them. Below you will find some of the travel resources we tend to use and have come across in the past, as well as some travel websites that we are partial to.

If you have a travel blog or website and would like to be included in the below list, just drop us a note at and we will see if we can fit your link in anywhere. That is on the condition of course, that we think your website is useful ;)

Travel Blogs

  • Nomadic Matt: We admire his style. To the point, but giving you almost all that you need to know to get started.
  • Adventurous Kate: She gets to travel far more than we do, you can label us jealous. But really though, a great resource to get inspired.
  • Irene's Travel Blog: Irene's picture heavy travel blog is great, she looks like a person who knows how to have a good time!
  • A Luxury Travel Blog: Their slogan is "for those who enjoy the finer things in life" and well, we do enjoy the finer things in life...
  • The Shooting Star: We have a soft spot for those giving up their normal lives to go traveling around the globe
  • Backpacking Matt: Aims to offer budget conscious travelers and backpackers destinations specific advice, stories of adventure and exploration, travel reviews
  • Adventures with family: A family of five from Singapore who like to travel around the world and blog about it
  • Flipnomad: A compilation of travel experiences and random but informative travel articles
  • Aussie on the Road: We like his massive beard. Ahem, we mean we really like his blog. Picture and content rich, just the way we like it.
  • Runaway Jane: Full-time travel blogger and writer, currently living in Barcelona.
  • Laura the Explorer: Budget travel and backpacking stories.
  • Travel Link Sites: Dedicated to profiling and highlighting travel bloggers.
  • The Longest Way Home travel blog directory: We haven't found a more extensive list than this, yet!
  • Everything Everywhere travel blog directory: What did we just say? This one is pretty huge as well...
  • Expert Vagabond travel blog directory: And one more :-)
  • Pommie Travels: A British girl who decided to be her own boss
  • Secret Traveller: Sina writes mostly about travelling in Europe and mixes it up with useful guides and travel tips 

Travel Guides

  • Wikitravel: Often our first go-to resource when getting up close with a new travel destination. Quality per location varies, but for the more popular ones you get solid information about how to get in, how to get around, what to see, where to eat, sleep and drink, etc. Highly recommended.
  • Lonely Planet: Let's face it, these guys are hard to beat. If you find us traveling anywhere, there is a good chance we will be carrying their guide books in our bag. Their online information is not always very thorough, but always inspired.

Travel guides (country specific)

  • Travel China Guide: It took us a bit of time to realise, as they are essentially a travel agency, but their information on major Chinese cities and attractions is hard to beat.

General travel websites and coverage

Travel reading

Review sites