A Status Update For 2016

2015 was an interesting year for Travelindicator. I started the year running the show by myself, and then early on Nik came on board.

We have been going hard at it since, fine tuning the site's functionality and adding new destinations throughout the year. At year end we were at roughly 960 destinations, meaning that we added a total of +350 reviews over the whole year!

That also means that we have made another year of serious progress in mapping the world's travel destinations and are reaching 1,000 places in our database. Each of these is mapped by 23 travel themes, meaning that there are now nearly 23,000 data points helping potential travelers to connect the dots. 

An ever more complete resource

Coverage in individual countries is on the rise as well. Take for instance the United States where we are now at 72 destinations. Or China at 45, Japan at 28 or Italy at 42... And are you looking for a paradise destination? We've got 234 of those... 

.. as well as a more social and user-friendly one

In September Nik and I met up and decided that the focus going forward would be on three things: clarity, simplifcation and social.

We decided to remove a lot of unnecessary clutter from the site, hopefully making it easier to understand. We want it to be clear that the purpose here is only one thing: for you to discover new travel destinations. Anything else is secondary.

One of the biggest aids in discovering new destinations are the site's social aspects. You could always review destinations, but now you can also share them with each other, build itineraries and publish them, and much faster save them to your personal lists. You can now browse others' itineraries, see which destinations, users, itineraries are most popular, and so on. We will keep making strides on simplifying the site.

We launched SixTripz.com

In the second half of the year we launched SixTripz, a site based on the Travelindicator database that gives six instant travel ideas for when you are really out of inspiration. Refresh as often as needed, until you find your dream destination :-)

Have a review for us?

Recently we have started incorporating reviews by our visitors. These aren't much work, just 3-4 paragraphs about a place you visited plus initial ratings on 23 themes will do. An example is Malapascua (Philippines) which was done by Lara. If you have a quick review of an uncovered destination to add, please get in touch and we will be happy to get it added to the site, including an attribution and link back to your blog/site.

Saving Destinations Just Became Easier!

Hi all, just wanted to give you a quick development update on two new minor features we have added to the Travelindicator interface.

Standard lists and easy saving

On every destination page you now see the following buttons right under the name of the destination, allowing you to quickly add a place to one of three standard lists.

These standard lists are: Must see places, Might see places or Visited places (we have therefore done away with the Should see list... remember we were going to simplify things?)

Travelindicator - saving destinations

Random destination browsing

In addition, we made randomly browsing around (which we like to do in the evenings while sipping on a glass of wine or a cold beer!) easier by adding a Random button to each page. Happy browsing!

Travelindicator - saving destinations