The Grand Plan

You might have read our article on why we initially set up Travelindicator. In a nutshell the reason was that the process of picking travel destinations remained tedious despite thousands of websites trying their hardest to supply us with detailed information for every location.

But the information they gave us tended to be displayed in a most convoluted fashion, and there was no service available putting it all together in a clear and efficient data-driven overview. The way we felt was: "Just skip the nonsense already: just tell me which place has mountains, great beaches and good weather!" That, in summary, is what we are trying to build here.

Now you understand what spawned us, it may be useful to tell you a bit about what our "Grand Plan" is, where are we going with this website?

As you have likely seen, we have been steadily adding locations on practically a daily basis. Make no mistake about it: this will be an ongoing process from now on. Every location has to be sufficiently researched - preferably by those of us who have traveled there before - and documented. These locations are the absolute core of Travelindicator. Travelindicator should be a database that allows you to search and to mix and match along any dimension that you think might be useful. We should be able to show you all major cities in Europe, or all places with beaches and great nightlife in a 500 kilometer radius around you!

We realise that to really gain traction with this, the database needs to be sizeable. Not with some hundreds of locations like right now, but rather with thousands of them! We are convinced that the better our coverage becomes, the more useful the site will be. Are you travelling to China and only want to travel to non-adventurous (dare we say a bit less exciting, if that's your thing!) places? We should be able to list which places fit the bill. Do you want to zoom in on a specific Chinese region? Can-do. Like we wrote earlier, this will be an ongoing venture, but we have full confidence in the idea.

At the same time, we very much want you, the user, involved! We might give you the basics about a small fishing village in the south of Ireland, but perhaps you have traveled there yourself and can add much more detail - what's nice and what is not, what are good places to eat, and so on. If other users find your post useful, they will upvote it and your post will be appearing towards the top.

Also, the "ratings" we give to various places for all the attributes we rank places by are interactive. Do we think a place is "40%" beaches, but you think the beaches there aren't all that great. By all means, please downvote it.

All in the meanwhile, we track which locations are popular and which are less so. Combining all pieces of the puzzle gives us (and you) all the information you will need to make an informed pick for a travel destination. If after that you still want to dig deeper, you can always go to Lonely Planet :-)