Advertising On Travelindicator


Travelindicator offers your business access to a highly targeted travel platform.

Benefit from the positive association with our brand along with making an impression to travel ready users who are interested in or planning a visit to any of the hundreds of travel destinations that we cover.

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Type Description US$

1 location 

(3 months)

Show your ad or link on a location page for at least 3 months $250


(3 months)

Show your ad or link across all destinations in a certain region for at least 3 months.  $2,000


(3 months)

Show your ad or link on our Country page along with all destinations within thta Country for 3 months.  $4,500

+Additional Countries 


If one Country is sponsored, we offer each subsequent Country sponsored at a discounted rate. $1,000



All above options come with mentions through our social media channels  $0

Global Partner


 A temporary, limited and highly unique opportunity to be a global site sponsor which includes a range of additional benefits and collobroative marketing opportunites. You would be helping us grow and we will return on your investment. $Neg